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HITS gGmbH (formerly EML Research gGmbH), Heidelberg
  MolSurfer: 2D Maps to Navigate 3D Structures of Proteins and their Complexes
  Most recent Molsurfer release available (2018).

April 2003: Updated webserver with new functionality for examining interfacial electrostatic potentials and for exploring protein-DNA/RNA interfaces. Molsurfer can be downloaded from this site

Gabdoulline RR, Wade RC
HITS gGmbH (formerly EML Research gGmbH), Heidelberg, Germany.
European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Heidelberg, Germany.

Walther D
Incyte Genomics Inc, California

For description, see:

Gabdoulline,R.R., Wade,R.C. and Walter,D. MolSurfer: two dimensional maps for navigating three-dimensional structures of proteins Trends Biochem.Sci. (1999) 24, 285-287.

Luedemann,S.K., Gabdoulline, R.R., Lounnas,V. and Wade,R.C. Substrate access to cytochrome P450cam investigated by molecular dynamics simulations: An interactive look at the underlying mechanisms Internet. J. Chem. (2001) 4, 6. [ISSN: 1099-8292].

Gabdoulline,R.R., Wade,R.C. and Walter,D. MolSurfer: a macromolecular interface navigator Nucl.Acid.Res. (2003) 31, 3349-3351.


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