Biological Diffusion and
Brownian Dynamics Brainstorm

March 26-29, 2007
Heidelberg, Germany

Abstract submission deadline is 19th of February, 2007


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Aim and Scope

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the state of the art in Brownian Dynamics simulations of biological macromolecules and related technologies. The aim is to bring together leaders in the field and younger scientists, to discuss informally how to push the boundaries of these technologies. Participants will include theoreticians and experimentalists. Speakers are encouraged to present work in progress and discuss speculative ideas. The program will include introductory lectures on essential theoretical aspects followed by talks on current research, discussion on critical issues, poster sessions, plus tutorials and demonstrations of simulation software.

Invited Speakers

Jan Antosiewicz Warsaw, Poland www
Adrian Elcock Iowa City, USA www
Jan Ellenberg Heidelberg, Germany www
Gianni De Fabritiis Barcelona, Spain www
Dieter W. Heermann Heidelberg, Germany www
Volkhard Helms Saarbrcken, Germany www
Gary Huber San Diego, USA www
Jrg Langowski Heidelberg, Germany www
John S. McCaskill Bochum, Germany www
G. V. Shivashankar Bangalore, India www
Kathryn Thomasson Grand Forks, USA www
Jose Garcia de la Torre Murcia, Spain www
Joanna Trylska Warsaw Poland www
Matthias Weiss Heidelberg, Germany www
Martin Zacharias Bremen, Germany www


coarse-graining strategies
multiscale modeling
hydrodynamic interactions
hydrophobic interactions
experimental measurements of diffusional properties


The registration fee is 180 EUR; it covers conference material, lunch, refreshments and two dinners. The registration deadline is 19th of February. We encourage participants to give a talk, present a poster or a software demonstration. Please submit your abstract via the registration form.

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