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a Macromolecular Interface Navigator

Please note the new Molsurfer implementation.

You can also access the old Molsurfer implementation (for reference and old download only).

MolSurfer is a graphical tool that links a 2D projection of a macromolecular interface to a 3D view of the macromolecular structures.
It is a Java-based software that uses the representation of the macromolecular interface generated by adsi (the interface module of ads, analytically defined molecular surfaces ) and  WebMol, a Java-based PDB viewer .

MolSurfer can be used to study protein-protein and protein-DNA/RNA interfaces.  The 2D projections of the computed interface aid visualization of complicated interfacial geometries in 3D. Molecular properties, including hydrophobicity and electrostatic potential, can be projected onto the interface. MolSurfer can thereby aid exploration of molecular complementarity, identification of binding "hot spots" and prediction of the effects of mutations. MolSurfer can also facilitate the location of cavities at macromolecular interfaces.

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